Adobe Audition - Sound Remover advice?

Hey friends! I wanted to see if anyone’s got advice for expediating or improving my process for cleaning up audio.

I have podcast audio spread across 5 speakers on different tracks, and at least 2 of them are in less-than-ideal recording environments, with After experimenting with a bunch of Audition’s different tools for removing background noise, I’ve settled on Sound Remover as my best tool - it results in the best quality audio with the most artifacts removed based on everything I’ve tried doing.

The problem is, using Sound Remover to clean up a file (usually 3 hours per speaker per episode before I edit it down for time) is a LOT of time spent. Sound Remover won’t let you remove sound from a larger chunk of the file (more than 30 min, I think?) and the best results seem to come from really being methodical about identifying the noise for a given section, selecting a modest part of the clip (3-5 min, maybe?), tinkering with the sliders, and then removing the offending audio. It results in much better tracks (with some occasional metallic twang) but gosh it eats up a bunch of time.

I want to see if anyone had any suggestions on software, technique, or process that might help me out. I’ve got a lot of audio to edit, and every minute counts. Thanks!

It’s fantastic you’ve found Sound Remover useful. Remember no system is perfect - the slight metallic twang is just a side effect. Take a look at the Enhance Speech feature new in Premiere Pro. Even though that’s an Adobe video tool you can still use it on audio only. Good luck!