Adobe Audition Shearing audio on export

When exporting my podcast mics, the outputted file appears sheared and sound “clicky” at time. The audio sounds fine in my multitrack mixer as I edit, but when exported it looks and sounds slightly distorted.

I can see in the spectral frequency view that my exported audio has these choppy lines in it, making it sound staticy or rough at times. Any ideas what may be causing this? Is this some sort of sampling error on export? I don’t hear it in my editor so I’m really scratching my head about this.

My export settngs are an uncompressed .wav, 44.1, 16bit.

I would start by checking the soundcard buffer size.
Then I would look at system resources, available ram. cpu etc.

Thanks for your assistance.

I’ve narrowed it down to the Dynamics effect I have on the effects rack - exported without it sounds fine, but with it, sounds distorted on export. Will try turning it off for now. Within the Dynamics effect, the auto gate works ok, but the Expander appears to be the one causing the issues.

Anyone else experiencing this?

What’s the input level driving the Dynamics Effect Rack? Consider your effects signal path. I’d put the expander on a bus if needed at all on a low ratio. Just work on the problem freq range dynamics first, not the whole spectrum. Can you post a sample of the raw audio? Maybe we can help you improve it at source and not after the gain stage before the expander input. Dynamic range should be natural as if you were being directly spoken to.

Render the audio before exporting.

Try also what Cado said about the Buffer. I had a similar problem with my PC after one of many windows updates. For some reason I had to tweak the buffer size to get it right again…