Adobe Audition: Records in Stereo, Exports Mono (kind of)

I’m a relative newbie, so bear with me if this is “obvious” but I recorded a multi-track audio recording in Adobe Audition. The recording consists of several voice tracks with a music background track.

When I play the recording in Audition, all the tracks play in stereo in both ears.

When I export the recording in Audition as an MP3 file, the voice plays ONLY in the left ear of the headphones, while the music plays on both sides.

I’m stumped. I’ve tried exporting with the Master set to Mono, Stereo and 5.1

Ideas? Insight? I know the answer is staring me in the face… Thanks!

– Todd

This is a bizarre case @Hypnoformance especially if your multitrack voice tracks play in both ears.

Perhaps you can share a screenshot and video so we can help spot something that may not be correct?

Hi Mike,

Obviously, I’m pretty new to Audition and the whole recording process. With that in mind, I probably didn’t set this up right from the start. Thankfully, I’m using your presets (purchased) to record the audio and I think it sounds pretty good! (but I’m biased).

The more I dig into this, searching for solutions on the internet, I think it has something to do with sound being recorded on one channel, e.g. left, but not right, even though I recorded in stereo, or thought that I did. Of course, as a newbie, I might have the wrong idea about mono versus stereo and all that.

If it helps, I’m recording in Audition and running the microphone through a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6.

Here’s a screenshot:

I ran across this video on YouTube which gave me the idea about the Left / Right Channel thing. However, when I go to Edit / Enable Channels / All Channels and other options are greyed-out. Which leaves me stuck, right back where I started, but perhaps it’s on the right track?

Thank you very much for your time!

– Todd

Hi Mike,

As it turns out, that video tutorial on YouTube did point me in the right direction. I needed to right click my mouse on each section in the project window and select Edit / Convert Sample Type.

Since the audio was only playing on the left, I needed to copy the audio file from the Left Channel 100% to the Right Channel (Left set to 100% / Right set to 0%) and it worked perfectly.

Of course, it was kind of a hassle to have to do that section by section, but it’s worth it in the end.

Now, how do I ensure that I record audio to BOTH the Left and Right Channels to begin with?

– Todd

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