Adobe Audition Multitrack

Greetings to all!

I need your assistance with a concern I have with Adobe Audition.
Whenever I use Audition, it opens up in the Waveform Session. When I
setup the Multitrack Session and add the audio, it reverts back to the
Waveform. I would like to know how to have it setup to avoid this
problem. This is a setback for me to get the full use out of Audition.

Audition opens in waveform view by default. At the top there is a multi-track button which opens multi-track view or this can be achieved using keyboard shortcut 0 or N to start a new multi-track.

I’m not quite sure the question?

If you add audio to the multitrack and then double click the audio that particular track will open in waveform view for you to edit but your multi-track session will still be there in the background and you can return to it using 0 or the button at the top.

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Try resetting the workspace to default or creating a new one that suits your needs.
Then you’ll have a template for future projects.

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Resetting your workspace is the best way. Multitrack should not jump back to waveform unless you double click a waveform in multitrack or select Waveform in the top left of the screen.