Adding an accent to a voice

I am a film producer working on a feature film project currently in post production in the US. We need to add a slight Polish or European accent to the recorded dialogue of at least one American male voice in our film. In Leu of looping much of the existing pre-recorded audio, does anyone know if there is a software plug-in available or in beta development, similar to the BritishAlyzer Adobe Audition VST plug-in, that might help us accomplish this goal? Thank you for any leads!

Thank you for your question!

Unfortunately there is no such plugin as far as I am aware of. One way to go around it would be to look to either use AI voices or voice over artists to help with making the project sound genuine. If you would like to send us details we can certainly provide a quote for both!

Check our AI voices here: Voice Overs For Radio Jingles, DJ Drops, Podcast Intros & Ads — Music Radio Creative

Something like Respeecher may do what you’re looking for but note it’ll be quite the editing process to get everything sounding natural and in sync.

You could also consider ADR (automatic dialogue replacement) using a voice actor or AI generated voice that fits your needs.

…and yes, the aforementioned Adobe Britishalyzer plug-in was indeed a gag back 10 years ago. But It does seem now given recent AI advancements, this should be something workable.

Hi Mike,
ADR is no doubt the traditional method to handle this task. That said, given the ongoing SAG strike, which will prevent any such sessions with our SAG talent, a plug-in that could achieve this effect would be a game saver.