Adding a series of symmetrical fades

I want to add symmetrical fades to selected areas of a piece of audio not the whole waveform without having to chop it up and waste time.

Do you know if this is possible in waveform view or multitrack view?

As far as I know you’d have to chop the audio to add fades as they happen at the beginning and end of tracks or in crossfades in the multi-track.

You can easily use the razor tool in multi-track to chop the clips where you want and then apply the symmetric fades.

Otherwise it would take longer as you’d have to drag it into multitrack and then add volume envelope points to change the volume up and down at your selected points. Given this is done manaully there’s no guarantee it would be 100% symmetric.

I work in radio and record live interviews and need to grab clips for insertion into a newsfeed package. This would be a great feature for podcast editing too.

Thanks for your reply.

Work in the multi track and chop the clips would be my suggestion then fade in and out.

You can apply and in and out point in the multi-track around each faded clip and mix down time selection only which will then give you the clip you’ve cut to time and faded.

If there’s lots of clips then you could do that and mix down the entire session and select each new clip in the resulting mixdown waveform and save selection as or you could mark the in and out point of each clip and mix them down invidiually from the multi-track.

I think if it was me and there were lots of clips I’d do it all in one go in the multi-track, mix down the entire session then identify each clip in the resulting waveform, highlight it and save selection as.

Good luck

You can add fades in Waveform view in Adobe Audition. It’s under favourites.
Highlight the section you want to fade and then choose fade in or fade out.
Assign them to keyboard shortcuts to speed it up further.

I would need to select split points then a macro > split > Alt drag sym fades.

Here’s a typical client file.

Track content:

  1. 1K slate - need to add sym fades.
  2. Station Ident - need to add sym fades.
  3. Main studio content - no change.

So I need a fast workflow that adds pre-selected shaped sym fades.
In some cases, I only have 4 minutes to produce and get to air. ie. 10:56 radio studio interview to hit top of the hour newsfeed package. @Mike

Excuse my ignorance, but can you please explain what you mean by a “sym” fade.

Oh OK I see.
Apologies, I’m still stuck on CS6.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, there isn’t a way to apply fades to multiple clips at once like there is in basically every other DAW.

That being said, if you’re in multitrack view and use the razor tool to cut clips, there is a setting in edit > preferences > data > smooth delete/cut boundaries with crossfades of 5 ms.
You can play around with the ms but it only goes up to 40 and obviously you can’t shape the crossfades.

But all this will do is avoid the click you get from cutting at a non-zero crossing point.

I’m really surprised that in Audition CC there still isn’t an option for adding fades to multiple clips.

You’d think. Or a macro at least.

I see if you have your clips in different channels you can highlight them all and apply fades to multiple clips, but it seems that it only applies the fades with regards to the time display, so it probably wouldn’t help if your clips are different lengths. Worth a try though.