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How to Upload Audio

First, make sure your audio meets these standards:

  • MP3 files only
  • Best format: 128 Kbps, 44100 kHz, Stereo
  • Max file size: 6 MB

Next create a new topic then drag and drop the MP3 file into your post. You may also upload using the upload icon.

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If you use 320K Stereo 48K, 32bit it will max out at 2 meg upload limit.

Thanks Bob - great catch!

Iā€™m testing now and see uploads get stopped pretty easily so Iā€™m working on tweaking the upload settings.

@Credit to @Ben_Sound for the heads up on this.

Yes indeed. Thank you Sir
They should make you Artist In Residence on here.

Best to stick to CD format spec for now until you do a tweak or two.

OK, uploads fixed and now the max file size is 6 MB :slight_smile:

I think Iā€™m the only musician left on here.
Test Upload

@128 kbps, the MP3 files will be drastically limited in frequency (bandwidth up to about 15-16 kHZ, however still acceptable for radio broadcasting, but no Hi-Fi).

Great idea Mike! I will be keeping my eye on this thread :slight_smile:


i loved the sound of that good work

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