Ability to Upload Audio Files

Today I was trying to post an audio sample but I could not find a way to upload it on the forum. I believe it is an important feature for a forum like this dedicated to the voice over artists. So I request you to enable the audio files uploading for this amazing community forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, You are right. For now you only can share with a link to a cloud service like Google Drive

Thanks @Divaksh. Anyone else interested in this feature? If so I’ll bump it up my to-do list.

Reply here if you’d like this feature. Also, tell me how you’d use it?

It may seem like a simple question but I’m asking everyone to make sure I correctly match the needs and wants of the community :slight_smile:

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Some wav files are huge and could have malware in the header.
So better to keep them off-site rather than clutter up your hosting space.

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Welcome Mike!! :slight_smile:

There can be restrictions on the user groups like new users can’t upload, people with more than X posts can upload it but in a limited size, seniors, mods, admins can always upload longer size. :sunglasses:

Mike if you were to do this, I hope you have a very large hard drive space on the server to handle the files that might be uploaded (wav files tend to be a lot larger than mp3), not to mention the bandwidth allowance with all the playback that might happen. Certainly it’s a great idea - just want to be sure you don’t over extend yourself on this.

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I really believe it is a must have feature for a community like MRC. There is no need to waste/use own resources as there is an alternative way to make this happen Check it out.. :wink:

Malware could be renamed something.wav but it won’t be able to execute in it’s current format. Mike could restrict uploads using $file_size to limit someone uploading a huge file and then use $file_type to limit the style of file being uploaded.

depending on what he is using he could add something like this to his upload page.

if (isset ( $_FILES['uploaded_file'] ) ) {

    $file_size = $_FILES['uploaded_file']['size'];
    $file_type = $_FILES['uploaded_file']['type'];

    if (($file_size > 10485760)){      
        $message = 'Audio file too large. File must be less than 10 megabytes.'; 
        echo '<script type="text/javascript">alert("'.$message.'");</script>'; 
    elseif (  
        ($file_type != "audio/wav") &&
        ($file_type != "audio/mp3") &&
        ($file_type != "audio/aiff") &&
        ($file_type != "audio/ses")    
        $message = 'Invalid file type. Only WAV, MP3, AIFF and SES types are accepted.'; 
        echo '<script type="text/javascript">alert("'.$message.'");</script>';         
    else {


something you might want to try, and it’s pretty neat to see it but take an image file; image.jpg and rename it to image.txt then open the file. In order for the malware to run it would need a file to convert it back to the .exe or .php extension for it to execute. Not saying it can’t be done another way but as long as you have some precautions in place, 99% of the time, you should be okay.

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It’s even easier than that @Joe_Salmi

The ID3 tags could point innocently to a web url and from there, download “Stuff” onto the system.

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@Hot_Jazz_Chick There’s code for that…

bool id3_remove_tag ( string $filename [, int $version = ID3_V1_0 ] )

Even better would be to add the MRC Tag on upload

bool id3_set_tag ( string $filename , array $tag [, int $version = ID3_V1_0 ] )

Wow, some great thoughts on audio upload.

After reading all of this I’m steering more towards letting those that wish to share use a cloud service of their choice and place a link.

I’ll keep an eye on this thread and see how it develops over time.

As a fellow Discourse forum hoster (I manage a lot of forums for others), I can personally recommend this Discourse plugin for oneboxed audio uploads: https://github.com/scossar/basic-audio-onebox It should be safe as it checks the audio file for actual audio before oneboxing it. It also recognizes audio files not uploaded to the site, like a public audio file for instance. It also looks good and loads fast as it uses the browsers built-in HTML5 audio player. @Mike If you want anything changed for the plugin before using it, I’d be happy to modify it to your needs. :wink:

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Would you like to be able to directly upload audio files here onto the MRC Soundstage?

  • YES
  • NO
  • Don’t Care

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Ok here’s another idea.

I’ve already mentioned MELOCITY on here. https://melosity.com/
We/Mike could set up a group account and share audio files between everyone.
thereby keeping the sources off-site.

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Maybe we can have a shared google drive?
And anyone who wants to upload something must be admitted first?

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It’s clicking on links that’s the problem.

They may look ok … but …

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That sounds great, I hope that comes a true thing

Ooh! Just seen this. Thanks @Hot_Jazz_Chick. Looks like it would be a great feature.

It’d be great to make the audio appear embedded in posts without the need to click out to third-party services and websites.

Any thoughts on how to make that happen?

I like the way @Marnix’s SoundCloud embed looks on this thread.

I’m pleased to announce that this is now a feature!

The forum will automatically convert your audio file into a native browser audio player :speaker:

You can upload audio (MP3 only) up to 3 MB in size. This means with format settings of MP3 128 Kbps CBR you should be able to upload an audio file of just over 3 minutes in duration.

Perfect for sharing demos, samples or any audio you’d like to share or receive feedback on. There’s even a new Share Your Projects category which is perfect for sharing audio!

I’ll keep the topic open in case there’s any feedback on how to improve this feature. Thank you for all your help on making this happen especially @OleHenrik @Joe_Salmi @Hot_Jazz_Chick @Divaksh @kahfluie @Juanmapinker