3 track recording, 3 way voice chat

Hi, I would really appreciate help to figure this out. How do I record a voice call with 2 callers during which everyone hears each other and after which I get 3 separate tracks for each person on the call? I want to do this with Rogue Amoeba Loopback, but I haven’t figured it out. There would be two voice apps, let’s say, e.g., Skype and Facetime. The callers don’t have to do anything on their end but just use the app and talk. I could record using Audition, Garage Band, Audacity, etc. Thanks.

Thanks for asking the question @mhd.

Ideally you’d need a multitrack audio interface like those from Focusrite or the Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK. This will allow you to record different sources on different tracks.

You can then route everything inside Loopback to one of the channels on your multitrack mixer or audio interface and select it for recording inside Audacity. I’m not sure if Audacity allows for multitrack recording but I know Adobe Audition certainly does.

The best news is you can route audio from any app on your computer to individual channels on your mixer using Loopback. e.g. Skype could be on 2, Zoom on 3 and your own mic on 1.

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Thanks @Mike, but OK, I have mixers (Yamaha MG12XU, Behringer Xenyx X1204USB) and Loopback, but I don’t know how to hook this all up in detail. Can I get the details on how to do this with Loopback on Mac OS with my mixer (or with Mike’s mixer or some other mixer or an abstract mixer)?