2 Second Playback Delay on Adobe Audition Presets

Hi Mike,

Sometimes when I use your preset template, I get no sound for the first 2 seconds. As a workaround, I can start placing stems at the 2 second mark and they work fine.

Any ideas on how to remedy this?

Thanks in Advance.

@cyberlarson sorry for asking but, how many RAM do you have? maybe the problem is not necessary about the template of @Mike. If you are using demanding process, perhaps you lose a little of performance. I don’t remember in what particular show Mike had the same issue, but if I remember it was something similar of what I just told you.
Check also the amount of memory that your system use for Audition. Or maybe is an internal process like update of the system.

I have 16gigs.
This has happened even after a reboot and Audition is the only thing opened.

Thank you so much for uncovering this @cyberlarson.

I believe that 2 second delay is happening because of a heavy weight on the CPU. This is due to multiple effects on multiple channels all firing at once. I’ve totally reorganised the way voice overs are processed in v1.1 of the Music Radio Creative Adobe Audition Presets - note since updated to v3.0 .

Take a look at the tutorial video at the link above, download and let me know if you should run into the issue again.