110v vs 220v quandry

I just recently relocated to the Philippines from the USA. The USA is standardized on 110v power, but here, it’s 220v.
So much of my studio’s audio equipment says it only runs on 110v. For example, the dbx 286s I own is 110v only.

I know they make transformers to step down the voltage to 110v for like kitchen appliances, I use one in my kitchen for my coffee maker, etc., but I don’t want to have all these transformers running.

What I’d like to know is if it’s possible to buy a big transformer, plug that into the outlet, then plug my 110v Furman Power Conditioner into the transformer, then plug all of my equipment into the Furman.

Does anyone know if that’s a viable, safe solution, or maybe there’s a better way that I am not aware of?

Thank you

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I have to say I’m not sure if that’s safe from an electronics point of view (I’m no electrician) :grinning:

However, as I was reading your post that was my thought. A power conditioner feeding all your gear. Another option is to look into a UPS that does some kind of conversion and provides clean energy. I use Cyberpower UPS models and they are great. You also get the added benefit of continued power during a short power cut.

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Yep. That will work. I had to deal with that 20 years ago. Double check if the hertz make a difference. Iirc that doesn’t change via a transformer.

I did a little more digging on this for you @KeithH. Like I say I’m no professional electrician so please do your own research too and be safe in everything you do.

It is possible to use a voltage transformer to step down the voltage from 220V to 110V and then use a power conditioner to regulate the power supply to your audio equipment. This is a common solution for using 110V equipment in a 220V environment.

However, it’s important to note that the transformer must be rated for the total power consumption of all the equipment you plan to plug into it, which can be calculated by adding up the watts used by each device. Also, you should use a transformer with isolation to protect against electrical shock, and be sure to read the instructions and follow any safety precautions that come with the transformer.

Finally, It’s important to consider the effect of this solution on the audio quality, some transformer might introduce some noise, distortion or hum to the audio, so you should try to use a high quality transformer and a good power conditioner.

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