£100 Dynamic and Condenser mics

Hello all and thanks for allowing me to join the community. Just a quick shout-out to two of my favourite mics that I use in my podcasting for Progzilla Radio. I am a huge fan of the Sontronics Podcast Pro dynamic mic (made in the UK) and have recently got a Neat King Bee condenser (US manufacture, made by the guys who set up Blue), which used to be a $400 mic but which is now available for not much more over a hundred quid. No sponsorship (I wish), I’ve bought both (don’t tell Mrs W) within the last five or six weeks as I’ve upgraded the studio to a 2 host XLR mic set-up. Previously a Blue Yeti usb user (another great mic that has served me well for over 150 shows). Started out with a Snowball. The sound I’m getting out of both these mics now (and with the recently purchased PPPs should be even better) is marvellous and will put me on until I can get the SM7B lol.

Any other mics in this price range that people might consider?

Kind regards. brian

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Welcome to the community @NTAPS_Brian!

I personally use the RODE PodMic and the Procaster and i find they do the trick :slight_smile:

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This is a really nice microphone shootout, where he compares about 20 mics, and you can listen to them all. A big help for me when choosing a mic for a project I’m involved in.