02-10-2020 Free Jingle Friday

It’s this time of the week once again. Join @Mike and @Izabela live on YouTube, Facebook or Twitch today at 13:00 BST for Free Jingle Friday where @Mike and @Izabela will be making jingles live on the show, giving away on average over £3,000 worth of audio each week and providing education on how to make great sounding audio.


Simply join the live stream from 13:00 BST and submit your script and voice choice (Mike or Izabela) at https://mrc.fm/script before 13:30 BST. @Mike and @Izabela will record as many scripts as they can get through.

If you would like to have your script produced on the show you can do so by upgrading within the form (Click ‘Yes’ on question 7) OR submit a Superchat (Yellow or above for produced jingles). Any smaller Superchats will not be produced - just recorded.

All the information about Free Jingle Friday can be found here.

See you all very soon!

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