Routing Of Studio

So, any help here would be gratefully received. I have studio, but think I could make the set up simpler. Here goes. Traktor on iMac > 2i4 > Yamaha mixer. I then need to take the signal from the mixer back out for Nicecast to stream from. I have a mic hooked up to the speaker and Audition is recording the show which I then put out as a Podcast. I need the studio monitors hooked up too. My set up right now seems too complicated. I’d like to operate the studio monitors from the desk etc. Watching Mikes podcast today, made me think it could be made simpler…

I’m not familiar with Nicecast. Does it not allow you to record inside the app?

I use Obs Studio for video streaming and with one click I can record my video while streaming. At the end I drag the .mp4 file into Adobe Audition and mix the audio only with my podcast intro and outro.

Takes me about 5-10 minutes after the show to import, mixdown, upload and publish.

For audio to the stream I am sending Group 1-2 (similar to AUX output) on my Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK into a dedicated audio interface for the live stream (Scarlett 2i2). That way I send the full mix including EQ to the stream.

Is everything running through your mixing desk @David? How are you routing the audio into Nicecast?

I think we need a behind the scenes episode @Mike. One going over your set up an how you get to youtube live.


…so the plot thickens…on Solar Radio just before me yesterday was Renna McDonagh who said you are a great bloke! Re the studio, yes, I can record out of Nicecast as an aiff. As a back-up, I also record the show in Audition as a back-up. I pop the file in Audtion, use the Broadcast multband-compressor, set it to -16 lufs and publish to my host. I have just begun to get my head around setting up a group on my Yamaha MG12/4. I think that may work, but may be you could cover that subject on a podcast? Yes, I use an independent 2i2 to take the signal from the desk. I agree with Joe…a behind the scenes would be very interesting…the routing etc

I agree Joe…that would be ever so interesting…

Hi David. Another Buddy Rich fan here.
Keep Swinging and promoting NYJO.
The late Chris Dagley of Ronnie’s was a mate of mine and Darren Altman on here too.

Ask Miles Ashton in Ronnie Scott’s to walk you through a better workflow.

Crikey! It don’t half all come back to NYJO or MYJO.

damn - its a small world!! Miles is new to me, but I will reach out…and you are a Buddy lover too!! Interviewed his daughter Cathy a month or so back…

Miles is Bill’s son and Chief Sound Engineer in Ronnie’s.

Am I a buddy fan or what?

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