Recording Logic sounds into Adobe Audition

Is there a way I can record Logic sounds directly into Adobe Audition? Mike did it in one of his his LIVE stream sessions (How to Make DJ sound effects…the siren thing)…

Yep, you need an audio interface with loopback ability. I recommend the Focusrite Saffire or Clarett range for this feature.

Windows usually has a “Stereo Mix” option which will record what you hear into Adobe Audition.

I, personally, use a mixing desk - Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK - and I can assign the output of my computer as an input inside Adobe Audition.

The other alternative is to jam away inside Logic while recording. Then bounce that audio down and import to Audition.

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Fantastic answer. Great show this morning by the way. Thanks very much, Mike.

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So I purchased a Focusrite Saffire for this purpose. Could anyone tell me what I need to set for input and output to record Logic sounds into Adobe Audition?

This tutorial should get you set @cacprime!


Thank you @Mike! Really appreciate all you do.

I’m on the same pad… Just learning this new feature

I answered your question on the live stream yesterday @cacprime :slight_smile:

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Amazing! Super late to reply. Had a baby and it’s been crazy…but now back to work again!! Thank you so much for your work!!