Mixing and Mastering Music Production with Pink Noise

If you use pink noise and then measure the volume of your instruments/vocals/fx on a track by track basis it’ll help you in getting that perfect mix.

This is a great video showing the process in Ableton Live for EDM music.


This is very useful, using noise to level instruments? wow!

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I don’t agree with this process. I trust my ears first and foremost every time.
What is to be served by having all instruments at the same level?
No Orchestra either live or in a recording studio ever tries to accomplish this.
@Mike alluded in today’s stream to using this method to achieve the ‘perfect mix’.

Well …
Within a drum track for example, you have a sub-mix where in Jazz, the musician supplies the 2 and the 4 which are prominent on the hi-hat and ride cymbal to cut through the band level to supply the backbeat that we all lock into. Playing brushes does not require the same amount of sound level as hitting a power snare shot. The bass drum is usually feathered to support the acoustic double bass supplying the groove. The bass player may add extra bass tone but there is no need in the recording process to turn this up so that it saturates the bottom end. It’s just done to “warm” the room. (To get around this, we use a DI.)
Adjustments are ongoing in a room to compensate for the acoustics. Again, no need to balance this in the mix. Vocals are a special case in point. My personal mic level would be at 70% in the final mix with piano below me and then the combined rhythm section.

Experience is everything. Keeping the listener interested should be your only goal

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I’m glad my point was not lost on you.
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Hope you find this useful @MartinSvanborg

Listen to this vocal harmony mix. None of the voices are at the same Mic Level yet an acceptable and welcoming blend has been achieved. No point having everyone trying to outdo each other just to be heard and spoil the mix.


Also @Mike mentioned some sites that supply stems for mixing.
Here’s a list of some sites that offer you the ability to mix your own.




Your studio sound is absolutely fantastic. So natural.
I would very much like to work on a full production project with you one day.


Bumping this as I’ve added a new video from my friend Will.

He explains the pink noise process perfectly while mixing an EDM track.

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Thanks Mike…I appreciate the share! Indeed, as I say in the video, this certainly isn’t all that’s needed for a finished mix (compression and EQ are, of course, super important) but it is a quick, handy way to get the frequency spread right for electronic music. I haven’t tried mixing other genres with this technique, but I suspect anything destined for radio will follow the same logic!