Mike's Studio Equipment Update 2019

Many types of cameras now in use @Mike

Please supply update on here if you wish to share.

Great idea @The_Tone_Arranger!

Here’s a start. I’m happy to add any other gear that’s not here just ask :wink:

This is an update to my original studio equipment list thread.



AKG P420


2 x Sony AX33 4K Handycam


2 x Logitech BRIO

And the AT4033a still hard to beat for the price???

The AT4033a has served me well for years but now we’re AKG in the live studio and TLM 103 in the voice over booth :wink:

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That is such a mighty project. Maybe one day will be the right time to bring it back :wink:

Lots of love for this production, Cado.

Great idea and amazing sounds there :heart::man_dancing: