Green Screen Question

How do I add/create green screen for a Skype podcast?

Assuming you have the green screen material already which is in my equipment list you’ll need some software. The software allows you to key out anything with a green colour (so be sure not to wear a green t-shirt) :smiley:

ManyCam will do this as it creates a virtual webcam with the effects you choose applied. I use OBS Studio but that is more geared towards live broadcasting. Adobe Premiere Pro will also let you chromakey in post-production.

Ok thank you. This is for live streaming. So Skype needs to see the virtual cam instead?

Hi @Mike_Williams

To use it with Skype, you will need to use something such as ManyCam, which is free with paid upgrades. I personally use this software so can recommend it.

Don’t do any green screening, but that is something I hope to do in the future. Also note that just because it’s called the green screen effect, doesn’t mean you have to use green. You can use any colour, as long as it’s not used anywhere else in the scene, and be careful not to use similar colours in the scene as these may confuse the software that applies the green screen effect, causing things to faze out, and you must use a solid colour, no patterns or designs in the background as this will probably not work.

One last thing, once the green screen effect is applied, it’s best if the camera doesn’t move, so not recommended for laptops that sit on your lap or anything like that.

Hope this helps, if you have anything else you need assistance with, let us know, and we’ll do our best to help you.

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