Double compression (production and broadcasting compression)

Hi guys - Mike you mentioned it briefly, but

  1. How is production different, when you make a jingle for broadcast and radio
  2. Can I get some “do’s and dont’s” for Top40 format radio (i can’t listen to a jingle before it is on-air to know how it sounds on-air :wink: ).

  1. I think scipts for jingles would be a nice topic for a program. Also the terms jingle, sweeper, shotgun and other things would be nice to hear in a program.


Best thing to do is to train your ears. Download a broadcasted radio track and compare it to the original in multitrack in AA with spectral freq turn on and see the difference. Watch for clipped peaks.

Then use it a reference piece. Good on-air compression should be unnoticeable by being consistent. Bad compression on soft passages of vocal and music will cause the gain to rise where you can hear the input noise and hiss rise disproportionately as the source fades.

There is a post on here containing a glossary of audio terminology that’s being compiled as mentioned on the live streams.

Great questions @EDDY_FO. I’ve added a basic description for some items in point 3 in this post that @The_Tone_Arranger referred to:

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