Basic Home Studio Build For Voiceover Work

No need to spend big to achieve top quality recordings.

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The room you’re recording in will determine your output.

That is the best piece of advice for new voice overs right there. Getting foam acoustic tiles is one of the best things for dampening reflection echo and creating a “dead space”.

My home studio is the only room in the house I can clap in without hearing echo :wink:

Here’s a helpful list of Bill’s recommended starter voice over equipment (for those who can’t watch the whole video):

Bill’s top beginner voice over recommendation:

Get started by recording audiobooks.

Not using USB microphones for voice over is something I also agree with. Great find Jenny!

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Guys this post is a great help. I was just about to post my question under another topic and then I find this one.

So now here’s where I need a bit of guidance. I’m just looking at starting out and I’m on a really tight budget(surprise, surprise). I’m going to treat the space in my home that I decide to use as the “studio” and I plan on upgrading equipment when my cash flow permits. So with that being said, here’s what I’ve come up with so far. I, also already own a decent pair of headphones.

After doing a bit of research so far I’m leaning towards the following set up
• Focusrite 2i2
• AT2020 microphone

Now I’m not totally decided on the microphone as yet but how would the AT2020 work compared to the MXL 2001 keeping in mind that my budget is really tight. I’m open to suggestions and guidance on getting this done right without spending too much to begin with.

Also, does it make sense for me to go straight for the Focusrite as opposed to the mixing desk and lexicon audio interface?

Mike you’re tutorials have been tremendously helpful to me on expanding my use of Adobe Audition, I really appreciate it.


Jameel - this is also a great first timer resource, I found it very useful when I was starting out on a budget. Hope this helps. :loud_sound:

Great ideas all the time to think about it. This forum it’s Great. Thanks @Mike for let us share ideas on one single place.


A quality bit of kit!