Adobe Audition Keyboard Shortcuts

Here’s one that @Fluffman71 shared with me during one of my live streams.

I’m so used to right clicking the top bar of audio in the multitrack and then clicking Copy Here to make a duplicate.

There is a better way! David suggests holding the alt key and then left click drag. Boom! Copied audio and no menu bar to navigate.

Thanks @Fluffman71!

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Also, If you do Alt + Drag + Shift you’ll not only copy and drag, but you’ll also drag your current selection on a straight orthogonal line.


nice to know @Barb thank you

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I got Alt + Drag + Shifted once by a bouncer .
All I said to him was: "Are you looking at my girlfriend?"
He replied: "No."
And I said: “Why, what’s wrong with her?”

… and then the Ambulance arrived.


@Mike, do you mind if I take your post from here and put it in the original
Useful Adobe Audition Keyboard Shortcuts’ post?

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Yes, go for it @Mr-Shortcuts!