Zoom L-12 Mixer - Any way to record post-fader?

We had a 6-person recording scheduled, so we made the fast purchase on a Zoom L-12 (Upgrading from a the 4-tracked Scarlett 18i8)

This is my first time working with a live mixer. I love all the inputs and the fact that it can record straight into an SD, in addition to being used as an audio interface. However I’m learning now that the recorded audio into a computer or SD is PRE-FADER and the faders only affect the mix into the headphones.

Does anyone have experience with this mixer or would know any workarounds to be able to have the recording post fader?

Alternatively, if there’s any 6 or 8 input interfaces that work with Audition that you would recommend (that records post-fader), please let me know!

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The only thing that comes immediately to mind is to take the analogue master outs from the mixer into a cheap audio interface and connect that to your DAW computer via USB. Can’t go wrong for $30 bucks.

Should’ve have done your research.

On your last point, no. They take what their given.
It’s the mixer’s routing that determines what is received.
A “send to” on a track connected to a seperate audio interface could work post input + gain + EQ but the pre/post fader would depend on the model.
2 Scarlett 18i8s would give you 8 independent channels to work on in post and have no problem taking the audio to your DAW. NB Some DAWs only accept one audio interface configuration.