Would like some advice

So I had to change somethings around due to construction and a burned out Apollo interface…long story…anyway When I listen to the recording on the new Apollo for playback it sounds good, on my studio monitors it sounds good, the inevitable car test is ehhhhh ok but my crappy headphones at my day job and the ultimate end test makes it sound awful. Would someone mind taking a listen and offering suggestions on what I seem to be missing with the new Apollo set up? I am sure it is probably bass related.

Will Introduction

Hi @Will_Eastridge … first a bit more information is needed. I’m assuming your the producer & not the speaking talent.

I hear a couple of things in the link.

  1. I’m hearing plosives from the speaker on many hard consonants
  2. I’m hearing what I think is some bad mic technique
  3. I’m hearing a noise limiter that is set to high ( the background when she speaks vs the silent pauses )
  4. Finally, maybe a bit of over compression on the voice – if there is background garbage when you compress & then expand it just make the garbage louder

Just my 2 cents