Working with acapellas

Hi Mike, I’m new to the community and looking forward to getting to know everyone!

I was really interested in your one of your recent shows where you were working in Audition using acapella’s to make the jingles. This may be a silly question, but what is the starting point when working with a voice artist… Do you send them the bed to sing along to, or simply start with a BPM and adjust the vocals to the bed? The reason I ask is couldn’t you use the acapella with another bed of music too?

Keep up the good work by the way! :grinning:

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Hi @audioanvil

Welcome to the Music Radio Creative community!

Don’t really have experience with this myself, but I would assume it could be done either way. The acapella is recorded without music anyway whether they have a bed to listen to or not, effectively making it possible to use multiple beds for the same acapella as long as the BPMs match.

It’s the same way music artists sing to their music. There is also an acapella of just their voice, although this usually isn’t disclosed to the public. Doing it this way will allow any audio processing and editing to be done to the voice itself before the final bed+acapella is produced.

If I was recording an acapella I would want to have a rough idea of the music it was initially intended for, but it would depend on the project and the personal preferences of those involved.

Hope this in some way helps!


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Hi @DavidHunterScot thanks for the welcome and your insight, much appreciated!

Sung jingles by their very nature I guess bring a that ‘image’ or ‘sound’ to a station or product, so I’d love to get a chance to play around with some acapella’s and some beds.

I remember growing up in the 90’s listening to Red Dragon FM here in South Wales and having their jingles stuck in my head (I remember recording the jingles on an old cassette for my own modest attempt at radio in my bedroom too haha).

Thanks again!

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@audioanvil first of all welcome! You can sing also by musical scales. When I say “You”, I’m talking Hypothetically. Remember each note has his own scale pattern, and we also have other scale patterns in music. As @DavidHunterScot said also the bpm can be a factor, but, that you can adjust with AU also. If you have a scale their will be a variety of notes on which you can play with.


Thank @Juanmapinker for that. This is all new to me so I’m grateful for all your thoughts :grinning:

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As long as it’s in the same key. BPM isn’t too much of an issue because you can time stretch pretty smoothly in DAWs like Adobe Audition as @Juanmapinker mentions.

Usually a producer, musician or even client will send a vocal guide to the singer in the first place so they have something to work from.