Wireless Headphones

I’ve only ever experienced Bluetooth headphones (and speakers), and I found the latency to be a major issue when it comes to keeping things on the beat, in sync, and when lining up clips.

Wireless headphones are fine when listening to music as you aren’t interacting with the music.

I do notice a delay when I adjust the volume control but as I said, it doesn’t really matter there.

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I have always had the curiosity about the wireless headphones for my studio. Now with your post, I’m sure that will not do. Thank you @Mr-Shortcuts

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You could do worse and have IR headphones, I had those long long time ago…as soon as you move from center they don’t work :smiley:

IR is an interesting concept. But yes, line of sight is an issue lol.

So at the end… wire it’s best as I can Tell or not?

It’s more reliable, that’s the fact.

I totally agree: wired headphones is the best solution.

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After a few days testing the Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones I have reached a similar conclusion that it’s best to stick with wired purpose built headphones.

Here are some reasons:

  • Delay on playback of audio.
  • Audio quality much lower than my DT770 PRO headphones.
  • Battery runs down after prolonged use.
  • They hurt your ears like crazy after wearing for a while (Beats Solo3).

I do think they’re good and the wireless technology is slick. The bluetooth pairs seamlessly and these are great podcast listening or music streaming headphones. They are not yet ready for studio use however.

One huge plus is I’ll never get annoyed again when cleaning the kitchen. That feeling when your wired headphones snag on a cupboard handle and yank out of your ears! :angry:

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@Mike and @Izabela all I get from this is…Mike you clean the kitchen :smiley:, VERY GOD JOB IZABELA!!!


Ha ha @Saba! :smiley:

I mow the lawn too :house_with_garden:


there are 2 ways of looking at this topic

lets do a for and against


you can move around the studio

your are not constantly hiding and moving the wire


the audio quality is not allays the best

the battery is not allays the best
the signal unit that also need to be plunged in

Getting tangled in a wire and needing to constantly move and hide the wire while live streaming.

I agree, that’s one of the biggest reasons I would love low latency, powerful and high audio quality wireless headphones :slight_smile: