Wild youth/guilty pleasure

I experimented with these two tracks, I would like to know do these sound good together

these are the two tracks. I used the new audacity 2022

Thanks for sharing this - well done on the effort there.

They are OK in my view, but not like WOW that’s amazing kind of thing. Does that make sense? A little slow at times.

So what would you suggest make one of the songs faster. Wild Youth song is 92bpm and the other one guilty by the shires is 94bpm would it be best to make both of them faster

I’m new to doing this

It sounds like the beats are matching but the keys are off. This can be a tricky thing to fix but it’s easy with software called Mixed In Key.

The software has a unique wheel that will tell you if two songs are compatible to be mixed. Some songs are simply the wrong key to work together. Give the trial a go and see what you can come up with :slight_smile:

I will give the Mixed In key a go :slight_smile: