Why do I need a bus?

trying to get to grips with the idea of a bus. Is it basically one track within a multitrack session that has number of effects running on it. So, you can drag a number of tracks in to that bus and they will be treated in the same way?

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Thanks for this question, @David. I am yet to get on the bus and interested in utilizing.

That’s pretty much the idea @David.

A simple example:

You have 15 sung vocal tracks that all need EQ and reverb in exactly the same way. You could go through and add the settings 15 times or you could put all the tracks on the same bus and add the effects to the bus :slight_smile:

bloody hell…it’s starting to make sense!!! yay! You have been a real find Mike…thanks so much. Managed to use the spot healing brush yesterday to get rid of a mouse click…that was down to your tutorials. I should be in live today for the stream.



glad I am not alone in trying to understand this…but @Mike has just made it ever so clear…