White noise i cant find a way to remove

Hello im having huge amounts of audio troubles with my stream i am a small streamer on twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/lourdhound I cant get rid of an under line white nose sound. I have a 2 pc set up with a usb behringer as well as 2 focasrite audio inter faces. I use the focusrite to pull the audio from both pc and put in on the mixer board and usb from the board to the stream pc. No matter what I do I have the white noise in obs studio I tried a different mic and everything. I’m at a loss and so far i feel as I’m just throwing money at the problem to no avail plz help in any way you can.

If you are having a problem with any mic that you connect then it mic channel on board, because I can hear noise only when you speak, so I’m guessing there is something that is gating you, hardware or software. I had a client with behringer mixer board, and we managed to fix his sound by removing Behringer. I’m not a fan of Behringer, they do have some stuff that is OK, but mixing boards are not one of them. It’s just plain luck it’s working or not. On low budget end, I would go for Alesis or Presonus.

I don’t believe it is the mic channel on the board bc when i stated i tried different mics I ment I plugged in a usb mic directly to my streaming bc an obs still picked up a white noise. If plug my clr mic into my focusrite still the same i also get different varying degrees of white noise depending on the usb port i plug it into. I even get the noise if I plug in to the mic jack on the pc. I installed obs on my gaming pc to see if it was just my streaming pc but had the same white noise problem there aswel so Im at a loss.

OK, I didn’t know about the mics. One more thing you can try, try to connect sound cards to usb hub that has it’s on power source, I had that issue, USB ports didn’t give me enough power for sound card.

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can you please clarify when you say sound card are you referring to my audio interfaces or suggesting to purchase an addition sound card for a pci slot in my computer then add a powered usb hub?

I apologize, I meant audio interface. I have older PC at home and my 2i2 is not getting enough power from on board usb. Then it starts to produce some clicking noise or it’s not working at all. I’m not sure if this will help you, if you have one usb hub with power supply or you can borrow one, try it.

It could be a low 50Hz or 60hHz hum coming from a not so grounded ground connection in your electrical outlet. Try plugging everything into different outlets and see if you can eliminate the problems. You can also use Au to remove the hum before pushing to the public.

I agree with Saba. My experience with Behringer was a noisy one too - had to lift the ground at the wall to get acceptable results. Although that was a ground loop problem, I understand. If you can substitute each stage from mic to computer you’ll likely find the offending stage - i.e., mic, pre-amp, amp, board, etc.

I Moved an now reside in an old Victorian house a ground loop would make sense but how would I remove it? I did not have this white noise where i use to reside.

If it truly was a grounding issue I would first check your outlet to make sure the ground wire is connected. In the old days, they didn’t use ground wires just a hot and neutral. If it is there then I would check the breaker panel. Make sure nothing is touching it and make sure the ground wire is connected tightly.

Then check the ground running from the panel to the outside pole that is literally in the ground. It might have come loose. You could always send another grounding rod into the ground in a different location and reconnect your ground there. I’ll ask around and see if there is another solution for you.

To do all that @Joe_Salmi said you need to know something about electricity, don’t mess with it if you don’t. Simple way is to isolate ground on your plug, or make your own extention but use only hot and cold wires, cut off ground.

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Would it also help if the power supply to the mixer be on a separate power socket. I seem to remember an audio engineer insisting when we set-up for conference’s.


Here is an update to my problem. I bought an usb powered hub that lowered the white noise but did not get rid of the visual of it on my recording program. I checked the ground on my electrical, its grounded i tested it with a tester i purchased. looking online i found out an isolation terminal is used to remove ground loop noise. I purchased one to try an remove what was left that I could see. After I installed the terminal the same visual noise was still present. The noise is not in the range i can hear but the fact i can see it is there is driving me insane.after power usb Here is an image of where it is at now with me using obs studios reaper vst plugin to lower my noise floor the noise floor it the red line everything below it is subtracted. I can still see there is something going on any more incite?

This is the room noise, you will always have that (if in this case your microphone was on, otherwise it’s electronical noise from all of your gear), and if I read this right it’s at -110 db what do you want more. You can eq this first part with low cut at 100Hz on your mixing board. Everything below -60db should sound OK.

With problems like this, I would suggest stripping everything down then set up everything again one by one to find the source of the problem. Nothing as bad as not having faith in your equipment.

Start with a mic, a good new pro shielded mic lead into the recording device and check and if it’s ok and then proceed from there.