Where to find Risers?

Hello Everyone

I’m on the hunt for some risers and possibly some other effects such as impacts, but mostly just risers. Can anyone suggest where I can find some decent Risers?

Currently on a low budget so preferably low cost or free risers please. Thank you so much in advance!

David Hunter
Jingle Remixer
MRC Community

Hi David.

Try freesound.org and search for Creative Commons zero as license type.

If not the next the MRC website has workparts available and I’m sure @Mike or @Izabela would be able to recommend which download would be best for you your requirements.

Try https://alien-imaging.dpdcart.com they have a sale email from then says
AI-FX v 1-15

Just use code:

Master collection is

reg $1199

now: $199

Just use code:
in coupon box at check out

Have you tried making your own sound effects and risers? It is great fun and very rewarding. I use Ableton Live 9 to make mine.
Not sure if Mike has covered this but maybe it would make a great video tutorial using plugins in Audition to make risers.

@Mike and @Izabela, what MRC packages have the most and very best risers in them?

Unfortunately none of the packages we do have has enough of them. As we get asked often about those I have reached out to our creators to see if we can get a package put together specifically (of say 50 or so of those). I will keep you guys posted on the progress this end :slight_smile:


try here:


Hi guys, we have a brand new risers package:

Made especially by your request :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Will need to wait till funds pick up again before purchasing but it should be well worth the wait.

Thank you @Izabela Queen Fairy!

I am planning on intro offer next week (50% off the price) so hold your fire and make sure you are on the list here:

Also modified your post for better presentation. Hope you don’t mind.

Oh yes I should already be on it.

alguna persona interesada en compartir efectos alien imaging AI-FX tengo otras librerias de fx que pudieran interesarle