Where to find Artist drops

Hey there everyone
I am on the hunt for artist drops (that’s what they call them in NZ) you the "Hey I’m Artist name " Is there a set place to find these?

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If you want audio created using artist drops we can do it for you at MRC.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for the full kit and caboodle for your own productions then Blue Revolution will hook you up with their Showbiz Central Artist Drops. This is the most comprehensive catalogue of modern day artist drops.

You’ll find some of them are only known in the UK as that’s where most of them are sourced but all the big names like Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber are included too.


Hi @LifeOfChris, another place were you can buy them is in here. I don’t get anything for this, just sharing. It’s important that you read the policies. I hope this helps you, the tracklist is very large :metal::metal::metal::metal::headphones::headphones::headphones::metal::metal::metal:

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Hi I was wondering what it’s called when artists say “Hi I’m …” ? I’m from Denmark so have no idear. And how can one obtain them ?

Thanks in advance

Jess Pedersen
EasyFm Danmark

Hey @Sinsanatic

I Believe these are called Artist Drops.

@Mike usually recommends Showbiz Central Artist Drops

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Thank you @BennyBoi

I will take a look at that website :wink: