Where are the video tutorials?

Maybe I missed something, but I have no idea where to find them. I read here that they are to be sent via email, but I can’t find them. Also, what is this mrcbot? It keeps sending me odd mail and asking me to respond.

Thanks for any help, I’d like to get started

If you bought them, you will find also in this community an “Audition Presets” category. @Liam



I bought them (the ones that cost 195 odd dollars) under an hour ago.

I can’t see any “Audition Presets” category.

Thanks for the reply

I takes a little time before you get the presets links and also access to the category @Liam. I’m sure that soon @Izabela or @Mike will contact you. :wink:


They contacted me quickly and I now have access to them. I got confused with the directions to wait; I thought that was to download the presets, which came immediately.

Thanks again

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