What's the ideal compression and/or mastering for including songs on CHR Radio?

Hey people, greets from Chile. I love MRC Videos because they’re really helpful for my work.

So, here’s the question - although you’ve probably seen it. Is there any tips for an ideal compression and/or mastering in Audition CC in order to add songs to a CHR radio rotation?

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Find out what the station specs/requirements are first and set your template accordingly.
As Mike has already pointed out on several occasions, remember that the station is going to compress what you give them so make allowances for that.
You must learn to trust your ears and apply whatever is needed to complete the job to a professional level.


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Agree so much with @The_Tone_Arranger arranger about trusting your ears and remember, unless you’re producing EDM not everything has to be flat line compression :wink:

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