What plugin do you use for mastering?

Hy there, one question about mastering. So, when everything is set up and ready for mastering… What plugin or plugins do you use for this job? I know for free Mastering effect under Special tab in Adobe audition, also know someone use Izotope Neutron or Nectar. Also heard someone master audio with multiband compresor in Audition. What is your favorite option? Thank you!

For me a combination of multi band compressor and then the native mastering effect.

Sometimes I will double use the mastering effect. I place it on my vocal bus too so the voice is mastered but not any music of effects at that stage. Then on the final mix I will master the actual output.

@markdenholm Great! Nice to hear someone else also use combination of multiband comp and mastering effect. :smiley: I found this combination great, specialy for mastering for radio.

I also use mastering effect on voice bus, but I use only exciter function and a tiny bit of reverb.

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@Mihael I use excited and reverb and some loudness maximiser on the vocal bus but nevertheless too much loudness maximiser and I’ll use that on the final mix.

I figure that music and fx used in any mix will have already been mastered so they’ll nust need a tiny final bit of mastering but the voice isn’t pre-mastered hence why I double master in a mix.

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