What Microphone would you recommend for Webinars

On a regular basis we host webinars at our office. We use OBS and stream this through webinargeek. At this time we have 4 sennheiser wireless lavalier mics that we give to the speakers. I was wondering if I could use one or maybe 2 microphones behind a desk so they don’t show. But I was wondering if this was a good advice with 1-4 speakers behind the desk. Also I want to cancel out most of de “noise” that is not happening behind the desk. So was thinking about a cardioid microphone where “noise” behind the camera will be cancelled out.
The room is acousticly treated with floor carpet, several wall panels and an special acoustic wall behind the speakers.

In my opinion the result would be:

  • Better sound quality
  • Less moderating with different speakers
  • No visible microphone in the video.

Any suggestions for midrange microphones would be appreciated.

If you have up to 4 speakers the best solution for invisible microphones would be your current lavalier mic setup. You could opt for shotgun microphones off camera but you could suffer plenty of mic bleed that way. Stick with the lavs or place a dynamic mic (such as Shure SM7B) on the desk in front of each speaker. The latter method would however likely introduce a microphone visually.


Thanks you for the response of you personally :wink:

I was already afraid of that it would generate (a lot) of bleed since speakers will be max. 1,5 -2m apart from each other. The downside from the wireless lavelier mics is that we always have the unreliablility of the penlite bateries. But the Shure SM7B does look like a good professional microphone. I’ll take this into consideration. Thanks for the feedback, and I’ll discuss it internally.

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