what is this effect and how i can do with presets

I have tried to make this effect to the voice with the presets but it does not suit me mike can you explain how to do it and what the effect is called thanks

It seems the audio sample has two samples mixed one on top of another. Can you please provide a clearer example? Which presets are you currently using?

The main voice speaking there is a voice doubler effect. Using The Adobe Audition Presets you’d simply drop the voiceover into the Voice Chorus track.

Thanks for your help I have done it in chorus but I cannot find that touch that fills my ears when using the headphones, something else is missing I do not know if you understand me


If there are 2 sounds I mean the effect that begins the audio and tells las grandes canciones de la musica

@Jose_Gonzalez okay , @Izabela is semi right & @Mike is semi right

But lets start with the basics plz answer the following
A) What EXACTLY are you trying to accomplish ?
B) What is the “effect” you want YOUR audience to hear on the other end ?

As an example are you trying to get a voice double that’s slightly staggered
Like this

I am trying to achieve this effect I have partially achieved it but something is missing that fills my ears I did it with doubler but when I hear the sound that I initially published I feel my ears full of a steroe and double voice I think it is an effect that I want to achieve they call it super wide stereo effect
i include other part of the effect

okay so … @Jose_Gonzalez is this the effect you’re shooting for

Yes is quite similar