What is the processing on these VO's?


I had this power intro made a few months ago for our site. The producer of it has since disappeared and we’ve been unable to contact them! We are hoping someone can help in identifying the processing applied to both the male and female VO’s?



Saturation and voice modulation.
Start by EQing out the bits you don’t need before processing.


What effects would you suggest using on Audition?

Start with Normalise to -1db.
On a separate bus, download and add a guitar sim and crank the gain and feedback level to smooth distortion with overtones then compress and play around until you’re happy.

Professional studios and producers have loads of toys at their disposal.

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I don’t really get any of that. I’ve only just started using Audition. :upside_down_face:

I know how to apply different effects on the effects rack and that’s about it!

Interesting. I’m going to find a guitar sim and have a play. Do you recommend any one in particular?

Knock yourself out for free! https://youtu.be/viRiujQpgGg


@Zach for Adobe Audition I’d start with Effects > Special > Mastering…

Then I’d pump up the exciter settings on this effect. This will be a good start.

FabFilter also make a great plugin called FabFilter Saturn. Many of the pro producers use it for imaging voices and I think it will produce the kinds of sounds you desire!