What I'm Working On

I just happened to see Izabella’s podcast on demos and thought I would try it out. You are the first to hear it other than me.

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  1. Introduce yourself in one sentence.
    Know what you want to say before writing copy.

  2. Don’t try to impress people. Don’t write to impress, write to communicate.
    Speak clearly in your natural voice.
    Not your radio, advert, performance, host, DJ voice.
    Don’t leave your personality at the studio door.
    Clients will need to know if you are a natural fit for their project or not.
    Hard to tell if you only supply professionally produced audio.

  3. What is the one thing you want the listener to hear, to understand and to remember? One message delivered clearly and also have fun in your creative writing.

  4. Use the words your targeted listeners would use. Do your research.

  5. Finish with a single call to action. What do you want the listener to do as a result of listening to this promo or showreel? If you give them 2 or more choices (phone or email, website, location) there is a lesser likelihood they will choose one. Choice paralyses response.

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Hi Cado,

Thanks for listening. I was wrong–this isn’t from a show, so I guess it’s not a showreel: thus no intro nor call to action. This was my stab at a commercial demo–I produced everything myself.

How did it sound to you?

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I LOVE it! Are you a voice actor? I’ve also produced my own demos but will be updating them using Adobe instead of Audacity. Well done! You’ve got me excited!