What happened to the templates that used to be in Adobe Audition?

Adobe Audition used to have multitrack templates for Podcasting VO ducking etc. did they remove them in the latest CC version?

Check sidechaining to trigger drop in compressor.

Check the path to template folder is good.

I ran an update in April I think. All good. No bugs etc.

All good for me too.

A quick way to check what’s happened is go to multitrack. Then File > Export > Session as Template

This will open a dialogue box that should contain the path to where your Audition templates should be. Check in there to see if they exist. If not you may have to reinstall to get them back or search for them on your computer and move them into this folder.

Thanks folks, It was mapped to the wrong folder, appreciate your time :grinning:

Great, glad you have it working!