Waves Playlist Rider - Music Under Voice Preset

Hello friends - new member here - just acquired the WAVES Playlist Rider plugin - persuaded by @Mike’s awesome youtube tutorials — but I am confused about the “Music Under Voice” setting… has anyone used it? My main question is: Do you use just one instance with that as the preset for ALL audio that is routed through the Master, or do you place it on the music track only, then use another instance in the Master (sorry for the long question, but WAVES doesn’t seem to have an easy-to-locate answer in the manual )

Hey @SteveWatson great to hear you’re having fun with this plugin.

Yes, Playlist Rider is absolutely a multitrack effect that should be placed on all the tracks. You’re right Music Under Voice should go on your music track. Note it won’t autoduck music as a sidechained effect would but it will pull all the levels on your music down so that music doesn’t compete with the voice.