Waves Audio Plugins: Sale Megathread

I’ve adjusted the title of this thread to accomodate the continuous nature of sales available from Waves Audio. If you stop a plugin or bundle on sale at a great price post it here (or merge it here if you’re a moderator).


Waves Platinum Plugin Bundle

50 premium quality from Waves Audio for $199 (down from $1999!) or $179.10 if you use the 10% coupon on this page.

That’s less than $4 per audio plugin!

Get the classics in one bundle, like…

L1 Ultramaximizer

Great for vocal compression.

L3 Ultramaximizer

Super radio imaging sound possibilities.

Renaissance Reverb

One of the best reverbs out there!

Waves Tune LT

All your auto-tune needs covered :musical_note:

Waves Audio Flash Sale on Platinum Bundle and more

I’m not sure how long this deal will last but it’s a good one. Remember to use the 10% discount coupon - get Platinum here.

Grabbed my bundle today and for spending over $80 during the flash sale I was surprised I can also get one of these plugins for free. Which would you choose?

  • Maserati HMX
  • Renaissance Axx
  • UltraPitch
  • MV2
  • Doppler
  • JJP Bass
  • Waves Tune LT
  • OneKnob Filter
  • Eddie Kramer Drum Channel
  • OneKnob Phatter

5 of the above plugins are included in the Platinum bundle so it’s between Maserati HMX, JJP Bass, OneKnob Filter, Eddie Kramer Drum Channel and One Knob Phatter.

I wend for the OneKnob Filter and this video sold it to me (I love my EDM) :smiley:

@Mike I have to say, you convinced me. Instead of grabbing the Abbey Road plugins, I just bought this bundle. I realized that this will work better for me. Thank you for the coupon. At the end as you said it came all for $179.01 USD… less than 10% of the original price ($1,999 USD) WOW! :):smiley:

So to the community, I also share a 10% discount coupon. Here is the link
10% additional coupon

The Flash Sale has been held over, you can still get the Platinum Bundle for $199.00


This sale is ending in 13 hoursplatinumwavessale

This indeed was a great sale!

It’s up to $449 currently which is still a good price for what you get especially if you use this 10% off coupon.

I recently treated myself to Infected Mushroom Pusher for mastering currently at $29.

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I’m resurfacing this as Waves currently have a great deal on the Diamond Bundle (which contains everything in Platinum and more).


You also get my two favourite OneKnob plugins:

  • OneKnob Filter (great for DJ style effects on music)
  • OneKnob Drive (great for distorting the heck out of radio imaging VOs!)

If you’re a podcaster or any kind of audio producer that needs some good noise reduction and restoration plugins in your kit you’re also in luck! These are all included in Diamond (from the Waves Restoration bundle):

  • X-Click
  • X-Crackle
  • X-Hum
  • X-Noise
  • Z-Noise

It’s a no brainer if you didn’t take the leap when the Platinum bundle was on sale. Down from $2999 to $259 during the sale time only.

You can add this 10% coupon to your cart and reduce the Diamond Bundle further to just $233.10!

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@Mike if you have the platinum bundle, you can go to your waves account select upgrade and then select Platinum and the upgrade to Diamond Will be $90. :sunglasses: Plus your special coupon so finally $81 …

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That was quick! Sale has ended on the Diamond Bundle.

I already own the two OneKnob plugins (in my opinion the two best OneKnob plugins). Looks like I’d be getting all the restoration plugins from an upgrade but also notice the Restoration bundle is currently on sale for $99 ($89.10) with coupon… hmm, tempting!

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Gold Bundle Sale

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Thanks so much for the heads up on this @cyberlarson!

Waves is having a sale on plugins and Bundles

Waves Sale