Wav versus Multitrack

Is there anything wrong with doing all the work I want to do on a spoken audio track in the wav view, then drop that in to the multitrack. Tonight I did the EQ, normalise, compress and all the bits I wanted, then took it over to the mix? Seemed to make sense, as all I wanted to do it was done before I cut it up in the multitrack. I am pretty happy with the results…

I used to do all my modifications on the WAV track, now I do most of it in multi track.

The reason is that in multitrack I have all the settings there afterwards, if I want to adjust at a later date.

In multitrack, the adjustments are non-destructive. So the raw track is never modified. In the WAV mode the adjustments are destructive.


+1 - To use a photo editing example… editing in waveform view is like making edits to your photo library directly without the possibility of accessing the original photo after edits are applied.

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