Warm Audio WA-87

Just stumbled on this one today. As far as it seams it’s very good clone of U87 for a fraction of the price. Well for some it’s still very expensive, but I’m going to do a bit more research on this one, 300€ of price difference between WA87 and TLM 103 is a lot, but maybe it’s worth, I don’t know. I will try to get it for a test if possible, but for all of you who want something close to u87, maybe this is it. There is also an option with MXL 990 and moding it to U87 :wink: (http://www.oktavamodshop.com/product_info.php?products_id=114)

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Looks interesting @Saba.

I was looking around online for reviews. I couldn’t find that many but those I did find seem positive.

Here is some videos: