Wanting to know Capital Radio vocal effects

Does any one know what effects is used in the Capital Radio promos ie summer time ball etc

Can’t say I’ve heard the promos you speak of but almost certainly they’ll be a complete bass roll off, probably a bit of EQ, probably a tiny bit of distortion and maybe some chorus too and a lot of levelling and compression.

Be careful with the compression though because if you’re producing for radio something that sounds punchy and compressed through monitoring on the desk may sound terrible once it goes through the radio station processing that happens post the desk and pre-transmission.

Do you have a clip of the sound you’re trying to achieve?

Awesome i will give it a go. also here is an example completely forgot to add it

Listening just on my iPhone and not with headphones

There’s a complete bass roll off there on the male voice, possibly slightly lesser bass roll off on the female voice.

I’d also say there may also be some distortion added, certainly to the male voice. Nothing much but just a bit.

There’s heavy compression too. I guess your recordings have come off the air so that will have gone through the radio signal processing but I’d that will be compressed during production too. There will also be some mastering done, probably some excited added to crisp up the top end and maybe some stereo widener to enhance ant stereo vocal effects used. I’d apply that mastering to the voices only.

There’s also some reverb, probably you’d get that using the studio reverb effect.

Probably the easiest way to do this is a 4 track multi track If you don’t have your own template already set up

Male voice, female voice, sfx and music. Route the two voice tracks through to a voice bus.

On the male track add the bass roll off probably anywhere up to 250, possibly even 300. On the female track add the bass roll off which maybe around 200 - 250. Also apply some EQ to each voice individually at this stage. Put the rest of the voice processIng on the voice bus.

On the voice bus I’d put the rest of the effects. A speech volume leveller to ensure both voices are hittIng the same peaks. As this is imagining you want consistent volume so don’t need to worry about target dynamic range. Perhaps experiment with a chorus from the chorus presets to give the voices a bit of stereo presence. Then add some distortion in. Only light so it can be heard, not heavy so it’s over powering. Next move to mastering and play with the exciter until you get crisp, excentuated hi frequencies. Be careful here as this may clash with the distortion added earlier in the chain. Perhaps a bit of stereo widener and a tiny bit of loudness maximiser just to finish the work of the speech volume leveller but not too much.

Once your happy with the voice processing drop in the sfx and music. You could set the voice bus to auto dip the music or just match the levels yourself.

Hope that helps. That’s just a quick though based on hearing that through my iPhone speaker before work. If I get a chance I’ll have a proper listen later and see if I can be of more help.


Ok, just had a quick play out with this in a spare 5 minutes. Bare in mind my voice isn’t the same voice that was used in the imaging so the sound will never be the same but the effect is similar. With more time I could probably do more processing but I did what I suggested above and got this

The first version is just my raw recording before processing so you can tell how it started and how it finished. The second is the one that’s run through processing. I’ve only done the voice, not added any FX or music

Hope this quick mess around I’ve had is of help to you. Of course you can add to or remove any of the steps I’ve taken and get yourself a completely different sound too.

This all depends on what you’re producing for. That’s a very CHR type sound, if you’re producing for AC instead then you’d want a slightly softer sound with less processing.


Awesome thanks mate i will hopefully be having a play around today with it