Voice over processing - TV

Hello everyone,

i would like to know how you process your voice overs for TV commercials? Is it heavier or lighter production?

I know that every tv station has its own sound, but what would be some general notice or tips? To process voice like for radio or something different? Tnx!

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I’m curious about this as well. Any tips, @Mike?

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Most radio and TV commercials are heavily compressed for broadcast. I remember a friend discussing the use of a piece of gear called an Optimod which radio stations used to make their programming louder. I’m not sure they use than any longer, except perhaps on dance or CHR stations.

At the production end do not go too heavy on the compression because tv and radio broadcasts goes through a lot of processing before hitting the transmitter.

By all means add a bit of compression in or to your production but beware if you over compress something destined for radio or tv it will sound horrible by the time it gets to output.