Voice Over / Narrator, either AI or real human

Hi Mike & the Community,
I was hoping someone here could help me how best to get an audio file recorded of a very long 14,115 word letter/essay. I know you can get apps to read back to you a webpage but I don’t like fake sounding voices. There are some AI voices that sound real but quite often they sound fake too. I know that mrc.fm do voice overs but could you tell me if that is just for an advert type 1 or 2 mins file? I am also open to good AI voices if anyone can tell me which places online are best.
Plus Im not really interesting in paying an arm and a leg for this audio file. God bless, Marcus from Ireland

Hey Marcus, thanks for reaching out!

Yes, this is something we can help. We do have Mike’s clone and use him successfully in some of our podcasts. Check it out here: ‎AI News Today on Apple Podcasts
Voice sounds natural and is much better than many AI generated voices we have worked with.

The audio recording you need will likely be around 90 minutes in length. If you could send us please the exact text - we can send you back a small sample and price - you can then decide if that’s for you :slight_smile: just ping us back in our support at help@musicradiocreative.com

Hi Marcus,

When it comes to recording lengthy text like a 14,115-word letter/essay, you can explore various options. this AI voiceover offers voiceover services beyond short ads, and they might accommodate longer recordings. They offer reasonably authentic AI voiceover services. It’s essential to find a balance between quality and cost. Hope this helps in your search. Best regards!