Voice over microphone

Hello guys! I want to buy new microphone. Looking for something from 100$ to 200$. I have few of them on my mind. Audio technica AT 2020, Audio technica AT 2035, Rode NT-1A.

Thank you very much for suggestions! :smiley:

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Can’t go far wrong with a Rode out of your selection.

Just one question, does your budget also have to include the interface or do you already have an interface?

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@markdenholm I have interface, Sarlett 2i4. But I’m thinking about buying dbx 286s - mic preamp/processor, but for dbx I have another budget. :wink:

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I’d definitely recommend getting a DBX286S. It’ll save so much post processing.

And since you’ve got the interface already I’d definitely be looking at the Rode if I was you.

Have you considered second hand? For that budget second hand you could pick up a Rode NT2a studio pack. That microphone has the selectable polar pattern which may help with acoustics if you’re recording space isn’t perfectly treated.

Hhmmm, yes, that’s good idea. My recording space is not the best. Do you think Rode NT-1A will collect too much noise?

I’ll have to search on ebay for NT2a. Maybe are some good offers available.

It may not make that much difference as the settings are cardioid, same as NT1a, monk or figure of 8.

Unwanted noise are the reflections that come from behind. Noise travels past the microphone and if there’s no treatment behind the microphone it bounces back towards the rear wall. Sound can then bounce back off that and that’s where the danger occurs as it will get back into the sensitive side of the microphone and obviously there will be a slight delay between your voice and it’s reflection hitting the microphone.

Sound doesn’t just travel in straight lines so can also reflect off side walls etc.

The best to deal with it is to sound treat at least partially your recording space but there are other, less effective, options like the kaotica eyeball.

The different polar patterns of microphones also have an effect. Cardioid is the most common but hyper-cardiod would be like a targeted beam! Hyper cardioid would the be best condenser mic for an untreated room.

The NT2a has selectable polar patterns but it doesn’t have hyper-cardioid.

A good friend of mine does use an NT2a and got a great deal on eBay on the studio pack. His room isn’t sound treated but some carefully placed foam means you can’t tell from the recorded results.

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Tnx for advise! That’s great! Can you send me link of this Rode NT2 offer. I saw few offers on e-bay, but I would be happier if buy somethin you recommend.

I’ve not seen an official offer from the manufacturer but I’ve seen second hand deals posted. My friend got his for under £100 which was an incredible deal.

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