Voice Over Demo feedback

id love to get some feedback on my demo reel

is the order correct
Audio quality ok
Quality of the mix

Hi there, sorry to say but the voice is to dark, music sometimes to hard. Also one spoken text to short at the next spoken text(Overlapping), also not clear what you are talking about, something about a store and you mentioning a URL.
Some tips, speak clear and slowly, use filters to bright up the voice , use speech leveler to make the spoken word at the same level, drop down the music a bit. do not use to many different kind of music, or find simualr kind of music, best way to make these sweepers is by using the multitrack session of Adobe audition. In adobe audition you wil find a lot of filters that you can use to level each channel. Also see different youtube movies from Music Radio Creative. That will help you a lot to make sweepers.

Is your voice recording raw, no post? Because it sounds like it. Also since you’re speaking rather loudly I can hear the room noise. That happens when you talk loud and it gets worse the louder you go. Try lowering your gain and your voice. Your natural speaking level should peak at around -12 dB.

Finally I can tell you’re reading.