Very bad Interference picking up during recording (multitrack podcast)

  1. Hey everyone !, i’m sharing an image of the audio waveform post recording a podcast. There are various instances where this random glitch is showing up which is causing some sort of a static sound to be very clear over my voice. Any help in resolving this would be highly appreciated . Thank you

  2. I’m using a MacBook Pro mid 2015 model to record using Audtion CC. The Mic I am using is the Maono AU-A04.

  3. The purpose for the recording is to record podcasts with guests using Zoom.

  4. To that end I am using iShowU audio capture as a digital interface to record the desktop audio (via zoom) and my own audio on a separate track directly through the mic.

  5. The glitch/click is happening sporadically at various instances on only the track that I am recording direclty on my end.

  1. I also created an aggregate device so that I would be able to record two separate audio tracks one from my mic and one from the desktop audio. It seems like whenever the aggregate device is being used that is when this insane amount of crackling is being picked up and is driving me crazy. Ruining any proper podcast that I try recording.

  2. I tried using OBS to record the desktop audio and my mic audio and was successful in doing so but OBS is acting very unstable and I lost a portion of the audio during one call and the entire recording during another call and find Audtion to be a much more stable option if only I can get this issue sorted.

8.Any help in resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated as I am literally running out of options here and I have another recording with a guest in 2 days.

I would suggest two simple solutions

1 would be to get a multitrack mixer such as the Soundcrafy Signature 12 MTK (make sure you get the MTK otherwise you don’t have the multitrack functionality) or the Tascam Model 12.


2 Sign up for a Cleanfeed pro account and you can record with multiple guests and get individual broadcast quality tracks (depending of course on their equipment they’re using) individually for each participant.

As you say you’re recording in two days it may be that option 2 is the better one.

As an after thought if you don’t need the tracks split into individual tracks you may be able to use clean feed free.

It sounds to me like you have made something that should be relatively simple - rather a complex affair haha I would say that you can easily eliminate points 4-7.

I would completely agree here with Mark, Zoom is simply not designed to capture quality audio in the first place. Cleanfeed, Squadcast or are amazing alternatives (the last one does both audio AND video). If audio quality is important to you - you must ditch Zoom. We have made an article about it here: Let us know how you have got on with it!