Using virtual audio for multitrack in Audition

Yesterday I purchased Izotope Stutter Edit after watching @Mike using it. He recorded himself (mic) on track 1, and mentioned using a loopback feature to run the recorded track into Stutter Edit onto track 2. I am able to use my Scarlett Solo USB interface to record my Windows PC audio back into Adobe Audition for recording my midi instruments. However, today I watched @Mike do a tutorial on using Rogue Amoeba Loopback (I believe it is virtual audio interface software) on a Mac, thereby forgoing the external interface. I would like to know if anyone out there has experience with Voicemeeter Banana (PC) and/or Virtual Audio Cable (both from VB-Audio) for accomplishing the same thing to record Stutter Edit output in Audition. I am asking because I want to route both mics, midi audio, and computer audio through Audition, and it seems like this Voicemeeter Banana can do that for me. I use a Shure SM7 mic via the Scarlett Solo, an AT-2020 USB mic, and 3 midi controllers (Akai MPD-218, an Akai MPK II, and a Novation Launchkey). I am hoping the virtual devices would keep me from having to purchase a more expensive external audio interface. Bear in mind that all of the above equipment is already hooked up to the computer, and I do already have loopback capability for the computer audio via the Scarlett Solo being hooked up to the PCs line-in port. I am just looking to see if it can be done on my PC via software like @mike did on the mac with the Rogue Amoeba Loopback software. The link to @Mike doing this is

You have to supply the audio interfaces. It has 3 hardware and 2 virtual inputs
It has no pre-amps or phantom just a basic compressor and noise gate.

It may not have been made clear, but Mike’s dbx 286s does all the work.
The loopback gives him ability to record desktop audio and route his mixer channels.

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I also would love to know this. I’ve seen it be bone on a YouTube tutorial with a condenser mic and a head set mic. But I can’t seem to get it to work with my 2 usb mics. Any inside would be appreciated