Using USB Mics and Skype calls with Adobe Audition

Hello there! I’m hoping the MRC Community can help me out.

I’m new to the Podcast world and hoping to see HOW exactly I can create the following situation work.

I’ve bought two Yeti Nano USB-powered mics to record my podcast, which will have the Host (me) and a Guest in the same room. The hope is to work an Expert into the podcast via Skype (or outside call) into the mix for each and every show. And here’s my big question…

Do I need an external mixer or any other sort of equipment to make this work? I see that MRC’s podcast presets allow three inputs (two mics and Skype call) in one of their tutorials, but I don’t want to spend $200 to buy the presets (starving artist here) and I’m not even sure if that supposes an external mixer of some sorts.

Call me naive, but I have to assume that this is possible and something that can be done well with one MacBook Pro, two USB mics and a ton of good intentions.

Any advice and/or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hey there @Towhead and a warm welcome to the community! Thanks for posting your first question about using two USB microphones and patching in a Skype call.

Yes, it is certainly possible. The best way to do it would be using an audio interface or mixer (mixer is better). Soundcraft Notepad or Signature series are my recommendations.

If you want to do it all internally it is possible but not easy.

Adobe Audition will only accept one audio device at a time and two USB microphones means you’ll be using two audio devices.

A way around this (at least on Mac) is to grab some audio routing software like Loopback from Rogue Amoeba. Then you can send all the audio you need to a virtual audio interface.

Audio Hijack may also help with this and take care of the recording part too.

I’m sure others will also have some suggestions for you :slight_smile:

If you are tight on budget, then a virtual summing mixer with separate virtual outs.
Set each “out” to a separate “in” in AA audio hardware setup.

The presets have nothing to do with the audio input setup part of AA.
They only add processing to the audio tracks already on the multitrack.
You can add as many as you like to save you time.

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Thanks Mike! I appreciate it. Looked at Audio Hijack and it looks great. Reaching you to them for more info. Much appreciated!


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Thanks Tone Arranger - ALWAYS tight on budget, right?! Thanks for the input (pun intended.)

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